Why Zippy Express?

We aim to create the most efficient delivery system in Cambodia by making every delivery quick and accurate by combining quality service and technology. Enabling business owners to feel connected to their customers by providing a trustworthy delivery experience.

Flexible Delivery

Reciever can pick their prefered time and place for delivery, boosting successful deliveries up to 95%.

Quick & Easy Booking

Book your delivery in just two steps using our app or Telegram Bot, ensuring your package is picked up quickly.


Packages delivered successfully


Delivery success rate

5 Hours

Average delivery duration


More efficient than traditional delivery

Our Services

Same-Day Delivery

Get your packages delivered on the same day, quickly and reliably.

Inventory Management

Store your products in our secure warehouses, and we'll manage your orders and inventory for you.

Cash on Delivery

We'll collect cash payments from your customers on your behalf, so you can get paid quickly and easily with various payment options


Zippy Unique Features

  • Schedule Delivery

    Reciever choose their delivery time and location via automated SMS, improving success rates and the customer experience.

  • Telegram Booking Bot

    Our Telegram Booking Bot offers quick and simple parcel booking, taking just a minute within Telegram.

Enhance Your Deliveries With Zippy Express

Download the Zippy Express App to easily book, track, and manage your deliveries, all in one place.

Telegram Bot Mobile App (Coming Soon)

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